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designer curtains
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With Designer Curtains by Concept Interiors, you'll benefit from a design-led approach to dressing the windows throughout your home. This means that before anything else, we’ll listen to you to get a feel for what you’re looking for. Then, we’ll present you with our ideas before letting you make an informed choice.

And your choices are wide and varied. Heading options, for example, range from eyelet to tulip, while your curtains can be hand sewn, lined and interlined curtains.

The next stage is to show you a choice of designer fabrics. Our collection includes weaves, prints, chenille's, silks, taffetas and many more. We can visit you with sample books to enable you to match colours and styles to your existing décor. Alternatively, we can source a fabric to suit your individual requirements.

We'll then take a full set of measurements, note any practical requirements or restrictions – and create your perfect curtains and accompanying furnishings.